Terri Lynn Cardona | Founder

A Catalyst for Change

Strategic. Dynamic. Compassionate. Influential. These are the main ingredients that set Terri Lynn Cardona and Stone Soup Performance Consulting apart.

With 20-plus years of experience aligning human resources strategy with business operations for top brands in multiple industries, Terri Lynn is a catalyst for change. Appropriately nicknamed TLC, she founded Stone Soup Performance Consulting to focus exclusively on her passion—helping businesses enhance their bottom line by improving and nurturing employee performance.

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Strategic human resources in its simplest form focuses on staffing, training and development, as well as the motivation and maintenance of the employee experience. At Stone Soup Performance Consulting, we like to say strategic human resources are similar to that of building customer loyalty.  Our ultimate goal is to attract, engage and cement our relationship with our employees. To that end, Stone Soup Performance Consulting partners with experts in the industry that bring their talents to our team, to help your team thrive.