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Just like the folktale that inspired our name, Stone Soup Performance Consulting aims to get everyone in your “town” contributing to a delicious and nourishing, proverbial pot of soup that all can savor. 

To this end, we:

  • Partner with you to identify your organizational goals
  • Identify the roadblocks impeding employee performance
  • Craft strategies to align your workforce with your goals, foster a collaborative environment and help individuals, managers and leaders achieve combined, sustainable success.

Our soup to nuts approach focuses on three areas—Strategic Alignment, HR Consulting and Team Development.

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Every good recipe starts with a vision. Stone Soup Performance Consulting’s proven Strategic Alignment process starts with defining your organizational goals and desired results. Once the table is set, each person will have a clear sense of where your business is headed, their seat at the table and how they can contribute. 

Our systematic approach to developing an action plan for sustainable success includes:

  • Understanding your corporate values and their effects. How might those values impede productivity? On the flip side, how might those values propel your people to success?
  • Defining your goals and identifying initiatives to achieve them. 
  • Examining environmental and human behaviors that influence collaboration and productivity in your workplace. 
  • Identifying your existing practices to maximize the employee experience and recommending strategies to enhance those elements.
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A well-stocked pantry contains a variety of tasty ingredients to create a flavorful meal. Similarly, Stone Soup Performance Consulting partners with businesses to ensure your human resources function is well-equipped with the staples—solid, legally compliant and culturally matched human resources practices that govern the inner workings of your organization. 

Our approach is holistic and personalized to you. We assess your core human resources functions, identify opportunities for improvement, and create action plans that align with your business goals and support employee engagement and success. 

Our expertise spans the full breadth of human resources:

  • Recruitment, selection and placement 
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Employee and labor relations 
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
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Every organization has its own secret ingredient—its people. Stone Soup Performance Consulting partners with you to bring out the best in yours. 

Our customized approach to Team Development includes:

  • Using a host of tools, including assessments, peer reviews, focus groups and surveys, to improve your hiring and development practices and strengthen your overall workforce 
  • Designing and developing Leadership, Managerial and Individual Contributor training solutions to drive your desired business results 

We examine your culture, peeling back the layers to identify what your employees and managers need to maximize productivity and realize their full potential. We then use those findings to create and deliver customized training solutions that will equip your people with the skills and knowledge to enhance their capabilities, improve their performance and achieve your business goals.

Our team


Terri Lynn Cardona

Strategic. Dynamic. Compassionate. Influential. These are the main ingredients that set Terri Lynn Cardona and Stone Soup Performance Consulting apart.

With 20+ years of experience aligning human resources strategy with business operations for top brands across multiple industries, Terri Lynn is a catalyst for change. Appropriately nicknamed TLC, she founded Stone Soup Performance Consulting to focus exclusively on her passion—helping businesses enhance their bottom line by improving and nurturing employee performance.

Our network

Strategic human resources in its simplest form focuses on staffing, training and development, as well as the motivation and maintenance of the employee experience. At Stone Soup Performance Consulting, we like to say strategic human resources are similar to that of building customer loyalty.  Our ultimate goal is to attract, engage and cement our relationship with our employees. To that end, Stone Soup Performance Consulting partners with experts in the industry that bring their talents to our team, to help your team thrive.



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We're proud to successfully help build and develop the culture and HR strategies of small businesses and familiar brands across different industries.

Real Estate       

  • Apartment List
  • BACO Realty Corporation
  • Carmel Partners
  • Guardian Real Estate
  • The Prado Group
  • Prometheus Real Estate Group
  • Shorenstein Properties
  • Trinity
  • Urban Catalyst

Food & Beverage       

  • Corner Bakery Cafe
  • Genova Delicatessen
  • Off the Grid
  • Silver State Restaurants
  • Golden State Jacks
  • Napa Jacks


  • Equinox Hospitality 
  • Rosewood Hotels and Resorts
  • SIXTY Hotels

Not for Profit

  • Channing House
  • Roman Catholic Bishop of Las Vegas Archdiocese
  • Movement Strategy Center
  • Save the Bay
  • St. Thomas Preschool

Construction & Industial

  • Air Conditioning Solutions
  • Ghilotti Construction Company
  • Paul Graham Drilling 
  • Precision Directional Boring
  • Shields Harper & Co.

Small Business

  • Fast Signs Colorado
  • Propel Recruitment
  • Severin Group


  • Arine, Inc.
  • Dermatology Medical Group
  • Healthwise Management
  • Invitae


  • Smartmatic